Wednesday, 22 April 2009

coming home

so this is probably the last post I'll make on this blog, unless anything particularly exciting happens on the fllight home. I'm stood in Bangkok aiirport as I write this to you, waiting for my flight home.

this trip has been fantastic, from start to finish. I'm finding it hard to pick out any particular highpoints, as pretty much the whole thing has been unbelieveable. America was great, new zeland is an extraordinry place, even rushing throughh as quickly as I was and australia as absolutely fantastic. The culture shock of the last 2 weeks has been quite strong, and I dont think I've fully appreciatedhow great some of the places I've seen were. Having said that Ccambodia was pretty much all amazing,and it was only the sheer oppressive number and force of personality of the people that made the chaotic vietnam seem like a less enjoyable place than the others I've seen. Having said all that the undoubted high point has to be doing the Bungy Jump in New Zealand. I'm still totally amazed i managed to do it. I've also loved the photography, looking for the best photo opportunities wherever I was. It's something I've never really done before - and its just a shame I wasn't a bit better at it - but its certainly something I want to keep up

Low Points - Its easy to say it but there really hasn't been any. twisting my ankle was just a stupid annoyance that got in the way of other things. the nearest I came to a downpoint was breaking my camera and losing my credit card in the same day, but that was more the accumilation of two more stupid annoyances than anything else. I didn't like Las vegas at all, and there were a few towns where the Kiwi bus and Oz buses stopped that were fairly pointless, but apart from thhat I've enjoyed some aspect of everywhere I've been.

I would certainly recommed what I've done to anyone who was thinking about doing it, although I'm not sure if i would recommend anyone to travel round Asia alone, i think thats something best done in groups, or at least a pair. It is so easy to meet people in a similar position to yourself, particularly in NZ and OZ, and you can pretty much spend as much or as little time with other people as you like.

am I going to do it again? I hope so is all I can say. I dont know where or how or what I'm going to do but the thought of never having an experience like this again is not a pleasant one.

Ii hope, for any of you that have been following it all the way through, that this blog hasn't been too boring. see you all very soon

Love Paul

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  1. I am crying in my surgery, not that you are coming home but because that is a lovely post - you write very well you know. Looking forward to seeing you and LJ

    Love kate